What value does a man bring to the world in the 21st Century?

How does a man need to lead his family, his community, his brothers and sisters—and ultimately himself?

How can a man live a life of depth, purpose and intimacy while maintaining who he is at his core?

If you haven’t ever thought about these questions, this weekend probably isn’t for you.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to leave a legacy, to live with a wide open heart, to embody the Sacred Masculine archetype, then this weekend will set you on that path.

 It’s Time To Wake Up

This immersive weekend is all about waking up.

Waking up to the idea that simply being a nice guy isn’t what this world needs more of.

Waking up to the idea that depth and purpose don’t happen by accident.

Waking up to connection and to tribe.

Waking up to the legacy left by our fathers and grandfathers—our ancestors.

Waking up to the fragility of your life and the opportunity it provides.

 Your Guides For The Weekend Retreat


Rainier Wylde - SHADOW

Rainier is a men’s wholeness guide, a spiritual teacher and a group facilitator. He holds a Masters in Psychology and has been extensively trained in Eastern mindfulness, Western contemplative practice, and the art of Socratic questioning. He has spent literally thousands of hours professionally interacting with individuals in all different stages of life—from spiritual seekers wanting training in being present to men scrambling to get their lives pieced back together; from businessmen craving to have the keys to success to world-weary travelers trying to find healing and hope. His passion for new tribes, strong individuals and spiritual connection are what drives him.



Ryan Sharp - IDENTITY

Ryan is an awakening guide, a coach for spiritual seekers and earthly doers—an American shaman of sorts. He has spent most of his life seeking new perspectives and wondering about how it all fits together. All of it. Music, physics, love, business, mindset, habit, sex, success and learning—consciousness. He has been a spiritual leader for thousands and has started and run several businesses. His passion is helping others awaken to their true potential by disrupting their current perspective through Zen-like guidance and psychedelic experiences.


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Travis Streb - EMBODIMENT

Travis is a coach and workshop leader to business leaders in Canada and across the Pacific Northwest. His practice is embodied leadership which is about taking the abstract—consciousness, presence, love, depth, fierceness—and making them real through the body. He’s light on theory and heavy on making things happen. Travis leads an embodied men’s group in Vancouver and is the host of the Men at Work Podcast.


What we’ll be doing

We’ll spend time this weekend communing as brothers and sharing in our victories and struggles, getting real with each other about why we’re on this planet.

We’ll spend time going deep inside and examining the depths of our souls.

We’ll spend time having fun and celebrating manhood and brotherhood.

We’ll spend time tuning each other up to be deeper, more purposeful men.

We’ll spend time honing our fierceness and our love.

What you’LL get from this weekend

A deeply transformative three-day experience led by three coaches committed to depth and purpose in the world.

A safe place to express your joy, your anger and your sadness.

A group of trusting men who will hold you and push you.

A beautiful retreat on the Tillamook River.

Pre-retreat support to help you get the most from the weekend.

Follow-up live group coaching sessions to support you after the retreat.

Optional one-on-one coaching with our workshop leaders.

Optional psychedelic journey with fire circle integration.

 We know that you want to awaken to a sense of alignment, purpose, confidence and brotherhood—to your masculine power. In order to do that, you need a place to reset and reconnect so that you can integrate your shadow, discover your identity and embody your purpose.

That’s why we launched the EMBODY Men’s Retreat.

Disconnection from self and others holds you back and keeps you stuck in the same old place. You can’t help but feel regret about the past, despair in the present and dread for the future. We believe that you should be accepted and encouraged to evolve and to thrive—to reclaim your authentic self—so that you can live life on your terms.

Men feel pressure from all angles, pushing us to conform, to bear the weight of decisions we never made. We know that without all these pressures, you may have chosen a truer path—and you would not be trapped in a life that feels boring at best and empty at worst.

Join thought leaders and men’s wholeness coaches Rainier Wylde, Travis Streb and Ryan Sharp on this weekend immersive. They bring decades of experience in spiritual leadership, business development and psychological practice. Each coach draws on a wide range of both ancient and modern technologies of change to help men understand and live their truth.

What do you need to do?

1. Claim Your Spot Now

2. Prepare With Our Weekly Communications

3. Show Up Ready to Embody Your Deepest Truth

So what are you waiting for? Join us! Don’t let this opportunity to discover your full potential pass you by. Find clarity of purpose in an exclusive brotherhood of acceptance and accountability so that you can make an impact and be heard, seen and known.