Our retreat wraps at noon on Sunday. But if you would like to stick around and continue to do the work, please choose from the options below. You can add these when you’ve signed up for the retreat.

Psychedelic Journey with Fire Circle Integration (additional night)

Join Ryan as we undertake an evening of deep work—work beyond the ego. We will share a meal late Sunday afternoon and then Ryan will lead a mushroom journey and act as a guide while you are experiencing the ineffable.

When we finish the journey under the moon, we will make fire and process through our experiences with each other.

This also includes an additional night’s stay as the fire circle integration generally lasts past midnight. Part of add-on payment is for additional meals and lodging.

$150 - Ceremony and Additional Night of Meals and Lodging

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Our facilitators are leaders in their fields—ranging from entrepreneurial mentorship, masculine wholeness, embodiment and character formation.

They each specialize in areas we are focussing on in this retreat and are offering exclusive and focussed time to help meet a variety of challenges keeping you stuck.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one session directly with the facilitators in the areas of Integrating Your Shadow, Embodying your Purpose, or Uncovering your Identity, this is for you.

$100 - 1 Hour With The Coach of Your Choosing