On Transitions

I found some recordings I made in my former house eight years ago. They are rough, on-the-spot takes with just me and a piano. I had forgotten about them since I don’t play as much music as I used to. But a conversation with a friend from long-past made me remember when I wrote them. I was in a pretty dark place, grieving the loss of my childhood spiritual identity. I felt so much hopelessness. The future seemed so unclear that I could only write about what I had left behind (or what I was currently in the process of leaving behind in multiple areas of my life).

I cried softly as I listened to these tracks. I remember how lost I felt. I listened to the words I had written and extended a hug through time and space back to my former self.

In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance. — Jeanette Winterson

I believe in the power of creating artifacts, physical (or digital?) creations that we leave behind that mark a specific experience. In doing this, there is something to go back to, to remember. Because for me, it can be hard to remember. Or it can be hard to pull a full-blown memory out of my head without some sort of trigger. Artifacts are time capsules that can drop us back into a previous experience.

I call this 4-song demo EP On Transitions. I hope you enjoy.