New Year, New Me

Can you see 2019 on the horizon? It’s drawing in close!

My sister and I had a tradition at the end of each year where we would find three words to describe ourselves in the current year and then think of three words that we hope for ourselves in the new year. It was easy to come up with words for certain years and much harder for others.

I don’t take enough time in my like to really check in and see where I am at and how I got here. Life is always moving, so who has time to stop and take inventory?

But we must do that very thing in order to develop awareness in our lives. Otherwise, we just continue on into the next year on auto-pilot.

Below is a worksheet just for you! It takes you through the thought exercise that my sister and I used to do and then asks you about your plans for the new year. This isn’t a worksheet of new year’s resolutions. It’s a basic map to help you sort out what you want for yourself next year and how you can get there.

Setting goals is more than it sounds. When we set goals, we take the reins for our lives and develop radical responsibility for what we want or need.